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GGP (Gallant Guinea Pigs)

Evan and MaxBy Max and Evan Gallant

The guinea pigs have grown!

Wuzzy, one of the largest guinea pigs in the world.

Cocoa, the other largest guinea pig in the world.

This is our guinea pigs cage. Our dad made it.

This is our second cage. The first one was too small for all three of them so we made this one, and it was big enough.

These are our guinea pigs. Their names are Fuzzy, Wuzzy and Cocoa. They are all boys.

Fuzzy is the red one and Wuzzy is the white one. They go almost as fast as rockets.

This is Cocoa. He was probably born in July of 2002. We got him from Paws and Fins on Bainbridge Island, WA.

This is Fuzzy. He was born in August of 2002. He came from Petsmart in Silverdale, WA.

This is Wuzzy. He was also born in July of 2002. We bought him from Kingston Pet Shoppe in Kingston, WA.

This is a guinea pig igloo. All three of them can fit in it, and they like it a lot.

This is a straw ball, only two of them can fit in it. They love it. This was one of their first toys. Their first toys were tubes that were made out of drain pipes. We had to clean them out because they probably had spiders in them.

This is Cocoa in the ball and he's the one that likes it the most.

This is Fuzzy and he thinks he's going to get a lot of food. He sticks his little nose up in the air and makes a lot of noise when he wants food.

Our maze.

Our maze again.

This is Cocoa and he has now learned how to lie on his back.

This guinea pig cage is our old one, except my Dad added an extra layer because we now have 2 more guinea pigs.

Here's another view of our cage when our guinea pigs would like food.

These guinea pigs are Cocoa and Wuzzy and this is what they look like when they want food.

This is Brownie, one of our new Guinea pigs. He likes to steal food from other guinea pigs.

This guinea pig is named Stripey. He is the one Brownie chases most often.

This is Cocoa. He can stretch very long when he wants food.