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Homebuilt Back to Back Tandem Recumbent

During the winter of 1999-2000 I built this monster. It takes a leap of faith to ride on the back and you must trust your captain. It's unnerving to go fast down hills while facing backwards. But make no mistake, this bike is fun, fun, fun and for everyone who's ridden on it, they're first reaction is to laugh nervously, then heartily as speed is reached.

There are a couple of things worth noting on this bike. The frame design uses the curved seat tubing as an integral part of the structure, providing triangulation to the frame. Also, the bottom bracket mounts are sleeves that slide on the 2" muffler pipe booms. They can be swiveled so they're either on top of the boom or the bottom.

It's in pieces at the time of this writing (3/9/2001) and I plan to convert it to 2 wheel drive with independent drive trains. This will solve almost every problem the bike has, and make it much more relaxing for riders with the ability to pedal independent of each other. Stay tuned for the conversion story.

Me, Jim Gallant with number 1 son Max and his cousin Martha. Max likes to ride on the back despite not being able to reach the pedals. Note the spiffy screwdriver holders at the top of the rear seat frame. One for phillips, one for regular.

Brother Jon and I about to launch.