Jim Gallant's Home Page

Jim Gallant Greetings web traveler! Welcome to the official Jim Gallant home page. I'm a resident of Poulsbo, WA. Please enjoy the old school, social media-free web pages below. They're in no particular order. You may see photos of my better than average sons Max and Evan and my lovely wife Deb. Feel free to send me an email at email

Motorcycles and rides
Motorcycles and rides
Mainly sport bikey stuff. Rides in the NW and NorCal. Buells, Aprilias, etc.

Home built trimaran sailboats
Homebuilt trimarans
Foiling trimaran, other homebuilt tris including one made from a Gruman canoe.

HPV (Human Powered Vehicle) and motorized bike stuff
HPV stuff
Home built recumbents, motorized bikes, tall bikes, kickbikes and the like.

Water Rockets!!!
Water rockets!
Mucho fun, 2 liter pop bottles, plus water and air, plus high pressure equals...

Hikes and backpack trips
Hiking and backpack trips with dads, kids and friends.

Paddling trips
Paddling trips
Paddling trips with kids and friends.

Windsurfing trips
Windsurfing, longboarding, windfoiling, wind travel.

Jim and Evan go to Europe for 30 days
Jim & Evan in Europe
Spain, France, Germany, Holland and Belguim.

Jim and Max go to Europe for 30 days
Jim and Max in Europe
Germany, Italy, Switzerland and France.

Our Guinea Pigs
Guinea pigs
Pet guinea pigs from the early 2000s.

Fun for kids. Folded, colorful strips of paper that you can endlessley turn inside out.

Building a Koi pond and waterfall
Koi pond
Home project. In-ground koi pond. I recommend you don't do this.