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My original home-built recumbent bike.

Waaaay back in 1984 I built my first recumbent. To design it, I taped lots of big sheets of computer printout paper together, layed down on the floor sideways, and with a big magic marker drew the outlines of my body, legs, feet and arms. I was teaching bicycle repair in the continuing education dept. of Northern Virginia Community college then, and they let me use their oxy-acetyline setup to braze this bike together. A few interesting notes, it has chain driven steering, the handlebars are made from electrical conduit tubing. The seat frame is made by sticking a stem down the seat tube facing backwards and then using dropped handlebars for the top part of the frame. Chunks of aluminum hang glider down tubes make the sides of the frame, and another set of handlebars and a stem make up the bottom of the seat frame. Amazingly, the ergonomics of this bike were great, better than the next 2 recumbents I built. The paint job was a cool blend of pink in the front fading into baby blue in the rear.

80s hair and shorts. Seat was padded with egg crate foam.

It was quite a deal to be seen on a recumbent back then.

Here's the second recumbent I tried building. It wasn't very successful. The seat ended up too high off the ground, but you can at least see better how this seat design works.