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My Tall Bike

I had to make a tall bike. Too many other people have made them, and I hadn't. So poof, here it is. The king of tall bikes seems to be the Atomic Zombie guy (my hat's off to you dude). Mine's a pretty good tall bike. It rides well. The components work well. It's not too hard to mount and dismount. It's comfortable. You can actually go on a real ride with it. You even have to remember that you're on a tall bike after a while. It gets to feeling like a normal bike eventually, but when you have to stop you better remember what it takes to get off.

Click this link to see a video of how you get on and off of it.

It's made from a frame that's probably a 19" frame, with some 1/2" electrical conduit tubing used to extend the front and rear.

There's also a mountain bike fork back there too.

Seven speed freewheel with a decent range. Note the quarters used to cap the lower end of the seat stays.

Quarters also used to cap the top ends of the seat stays.

Had to braze a stubby little tube to mount the front derailleur.

Riding down our road.

In our driveway.