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First Forest Service road 25 trip

These photos are from an overnight motorcycle trip down Forest Service road 25. From the town of Randle to Cougar, this once legendary road involves a hundred continuous miles of 20 to 35 mph rated twisting curves if you include the side trip on rte. 99 to Windy Ridge. There is very little traffic, no police, very few intersecting side roads and spectacular scenery. Pavement is now unfortunately terrible. Due to cut and fill construction, there are many huge slumps that will bottom out your suspension. They're often hard to see and will piss you off. At the time of this trip, the pavement was new and pristine. Due to no funding for infrastructure maintenance in the US, I doubt this road will ever be glorious again.

Anyway, we started in Seattle heading south on Rte. 167 and reached great roads at Sumner. The stretch from Orting to Randle is a worthy ride in itself, especially if you take the backroads through Kapowsin.

Lunch in Morton at the Cody Cafe. My VX 800 shown in the front with the big honking Givi bags, Joseph with is 99' VTR Superhawk, and Tim with his 84' Nighthawk.

Joseph on a sweeper blazing through the snowbanks. He let Tim and I try his Superhawk. Must have Superhawk, must have Superhawk, must have Superhawk...

Down in Ape Cave, the worlds longest known lava tube, approximately 2 miles in length. A very fun diversion, although we weren't allowed to take our motorcycles down there.

Look Ma, no hands! Gotta have a throttle lock to do this one.

Joseph wheelies through the punji sticks in the blowdown area near Windy Ridge.

The final parking lot/view point on Windy Ridge. A truly amazing road winding through pumice, logs and wild flowers. Kind of scary being this close to that crater.

On the way home, Mt. Rainier in the distance.