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Oil City to Third Beach Hike - Day 2

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The morning after. No rain, thank you.

We actually built 3 camp fires and these elaborate clothes drying structures to dry out all of our stuff. Amazingly, after only 3 hours and 2 cords of wood our clothes were dry. Even some sleeping bags dried out. I've never seen shoes steam like they did that morning.

After a Noon start, the weather looked promising as we headed north from Mosquito creek. Thankfully there were no mosquitoes there.

Here Rob, Nick and Max pass by one of the inumerable sea stacks at the beach. Most of the time the wet sand was hard packed and easy to walk on.

Heading up from the beach towards a trail marker.

Evan descending a steep section via rope.

Max following Nick down a steep section.

Through the sun-dappled rain forest.

A very dramatic descent down to the beach on our way to Toleak Point.

Descending a near-vertical, relatively high ladder. Usually a dad went below the younger kids to catch them (ha ha!) if they fell.

Evan (I'm fine Daddy) descending.

Sunshine and beach. Sorry we can't stay and enjoy this, but if we don't leave now we won't be able to navigate Toleak point at low tide.

Max hiking in bare feet.

Camp, day 2. Fred, Frankie and Dillon set up their tent.

We camped next to a huge overturned rootstock that was really good for, drying out wet things! Good for climbing on too.

Evan reclining, Nick relaxing in the background.

Evan making a fashion statement in the surf.

It was great camp site.

Sand forts at an incoming tide.

Playing in the surf that evening. The water wasn't too cold suprisingly. Evan got pummeled by a good sized wave and got a bloody nose, but recovered quickly.

A really perfect evening.

While the beach was picked pretty clean of driftwood, the stuff that was there was nice and dry after a day of sunshine.

Roasting marshmallows.

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