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Oil City to Third Beach Hike - Day 3

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Evan in the morning, day 3.

Max in the morning, day 3.

Rob "Grabo" Stevens putzing with gear in the morning.

Last day just after leaving camp. Off the beach under the trail marker and into the woods again to traverse the next headland north.

Descending a headland by rope.

Max descending.

Evan descending.

Nick descending the rope.

Max descending. It was one person at a time only on this rope.

Rob descending with style.

Nick and Max hiking through some sea stacks.

The "beach" just south of Third Beach was particularly beautiful, with numerous sea stacks close to shore. No real place to camp above the high tide line though.

Our last view of the Giant's Graveyard before ascending the headland leading to Third Beach.

The Giant's Graveyard, looking south.

Rob in the rain forest.

Descending a steep trail section along a fern-encrusted cliff.

Nick descends a ladder to Third Beach.

Evan on his way down to Third Beach.

On the way to Forks after.

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