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Home Made 2 into 1 Exhaust for a Suzuki VX800

Finished Exhaust | Construction Pictures

11/03/2004 - I'm deep into this conversion project now and there's no turning back. The new muffler is from some big Honda street bike and made of stainless steel. Got it for $50 from a nearby motorcycle store, and it's much lighter than the stock mufflers. The nearby muffler/exhaust shop gave me scrap pipe and bent and flanged it for only a $10 tip! Hoping it will all work out. If so, I'll probably paint the exhast pipes with BBQ flat black paint. If not, guess I'll get a BSM system.

Notice the now-reversed rear footpeg hangers. Had to do that to get the muffler's hanger bolt further back and up. I cut the footpeg sections off and will have them TIG welded back on to the hangers, since they need to be re-oriented correctly.

A view of the 2 1/2" pipe (collector really) coming off the front end of the can. It's a big, manly looking thing isn't it?

Will soon weld or braze this 2" pipe from the rear cylinder onto the collector.

Side view of the 2" pipe off the rear cylinder, with the store-bought 90 degree bend.

Rear-ish view of the 2" bend. The exhaust shop guy made an adapter that connects the front cylinder pipe and the 2 1/2" collector under the center of the bike.

Finished Exhaust | Construction Pictures