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WA & OR Motorcycle trip - May 15-18, 2005

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Just past Mount Bachelor on Rte. 372 east of Bend. This road looked promising, both on the map and at first when passing Mt. Bachelor. But it turned out to be exruciatingly straight for many, many miles, with no food or gas. We were thankful to get to Rte. 58 and some civilization.

Just north of Oakridge off of Rte. 58 we found a covered bridge and had to drive through it. This 58 mile stretch of road to Rainbow was arguably the best road we've ridden on.

Found another sport bike rider on this road, on his way home to California. He was nice enough to take a picture of us.

The northern section of this road, where it wound through basalt cliff walls by a large resevoir was pretty arcade game-like. Great twisties through exotic rock formations with a lush green jungle.

More video game roads.

While attempting to use forest service roads to get from Detroit to Rte. 26 near Government Camp, we encountered a sign that warned of the road being closed due to a washout 4 miles ahead. This was it.

We both realized that cars couldn't get by, but maybe we could. And indeed we did.

It's a good thing we could get through too, since it would have meant a long detour near the end of a very long day of riding.

The southeast side of Mount hood.

Mt. Hood, near the town of Hood River, our destination for the day.

Mt. Hood again.

How the heck to people ride without a full face helmet in the spring time anyway?

Great motel in Hood River (Riverview Lodge). It had a pool and a hot tub, which were greatly appreciated.

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4