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Jim and Rob's Big Exciting Eastern Oregon Motorcycle Ride - October 2013

Day 1 | Day 2

It was high time for my friend Rob Stevens to ride the beautiful roads of eastern Oregon. We decided 2 days would be enough, so I tried to pick roads there were the best of the best. Shaniko to Fossil. Middle Fork Road. Rte. 395 south of Ukiah. Rte 207 from Service Creek to Mitchell. Plus we did a little sightseeing at a couple John Day Fossil Bed units, despite the government shutdown barricades. Great weather, Both great and crappy food. All in all a good time. Rob rode his Honda VTX 1300 and I rode my Moto Guzzi Norge.

Our route on Day 1

Load'n up! Thanks for loaning us the trailer Paul! Rob's bike fit with 2 inches to spare.

Morning at the Dechutes Motel in Maupin. We drove down in the van to breakfast before this. Pretty chilly, but it was supposed to warm up.

Rob ready for a cold ride.

Rob staring down into the famed haipin corners just south of Shaniko on Rte. 218. Not sure his bike will make it around the corner.

Looking back (west) on Bakeoven Rd. between Maupin and Shaniko. Volcanos in the distance.

Rob negotiating the big horseshoe bend.

How many pictures of this turn are on the Interweb?

Juicy curves on the way to Antelope from Shaniko.

The top of the first rise between Antelope and Fossil.

The Clarno Unit of the John Day Fossil Beds.

Clarno Unit.

Rob on the way to the Painted Hills Unit.

Approaching the painted hills.

The elevated walk at the Painted Hills Unit.

A close-up of the painted hills.

Elevated walk.

Fun to walk on this.

More painted hills.

This little loop hike takes about 15 minutes and gains a little elevation. An easy walk, but very cool.

Another view from above.

Another view from above.

Looking down on the larges of the painted hills.

A camper heading up the gravel access road.

Because of the government shut down (Thank you John Boner), the park was officially closed. Barricades here to block entry to the main parking area.

Painted hills.

Painted hills.

A (rattle?) snake on the road.

A rider on a BMW catching up to Rob. We chatted. He was headed to either Baker City or LaGrande. Nice roads ahead for him.

The John Day river in afternoon light.

The John Day.

Approaching Cathedral Rock on Rte. 19.

Cathedral Rock.

Rob checking messages.

We ducked under the 'No entry' tape and sawhorses at the Sheep Rock Unit of the John Day Fossil beds to hike the Blue Basin trail.

Heading up the Blue Basin trail.

Cool formations on this trail.

Looking back down the trail.

Rob at an overlook.

Jim at an overlook.

Jim approaching the Blue Basin.

The Blue Basin. It really was blue(ish).

Rob at the Blue Basin.

For whatever reason, they installed quite a few bridges on this trail which were pretty fun to cross.

More bridges.

Looking back at Picture Gorge. Right in the middle of it is the intersection of routes 19 and 26. Two gorges come together there to form a 'T' intersection.

Our bikes parked safely at the Little Pine in, in the town of John Day. Done riding for the day..

Rob checking messages again in the motel parking lot.

The Little Pine Inn. Walking distance from some worthwhile restaurants. I like it.

First course of dinner.

Second course, prime rib. Yeah baby!

Day 1 | Day 2