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Hinged Handlebar Riser - 2/27/2001

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I've been trying to get to the point where I can braze on my cable stops to route cables, but I realized I need to mount all the levers, calipers and derailleurs before doing so. That's when I found that the cantilever bosses for the rear triangle were drilled with only one set of spring holes, and they weren't positioned right for the v-brake I bought, even if I did tighten the spring stop screw. So I drilled an extra set of holes and they work fine.

The cantilever bosses with the new set of holes drilled.

I decided not to reuse the hinged handlebar riser I made for my tandem. It was just too crude and heavy. The one shown below is made from one of the $1 stems I got from the Seattle Bike Swap Meet, a small piece of bookshelf railing (the piece with channel shaped piece with the slots), pieces of dropouts from a BMX bike, and a top tube from the Bianchi mountain bike I've been cannibalizing.

The stem and hinge part.

Another view.

In the up position.

And folded down to the front for mounting and dismounting the bike.

A complete view of the stem, riser and bars.

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