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Handlebar Riser and Bars - 3/1/2001

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The angle of the handlebar riser needs to be adjustable, and to have a settable stop that doesn't require tools. I drilled a hole for a bolt and brazed a nut in one of the holes. A bolt with a wingnut works pretty well for the stop. You adjust it by tightening or loosening the bolt by its head, and then tightening the wingnut to keep it in place. The wingnut serves as a locknut.

A close up showing the new settable stop.

Another complete view of the stem and riser mounted on the bike.

The yard sale bikes I bought to make my kick bikes with came with nice Shimano bar end shifters. They're even spring loaded for easy shifting. Unfortunately they're made for larger diameter traditional "10 speed" handlebars (23.5 mm?) No problemo. I sleeved some tubing and brazed it into these nifty adapters that got pop riveted on the ends of the smaller diameter bars I had. I cut about an inch and a quarter off the ends of the bars to compensate for the added length of the adapter.

Here's the bar end shifter fit into the adapter.

This shows the bar end shifter mounted with the handgrips and brake levers in place. I got these soft rubber grips for a buck a pair at the swap meet. Had to cut the end off of them to let the bar end shifter poke out.

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