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Seat Bracket Continued - 2/8/2001

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I thought it was too late the evening before to split the seat bracket. The neighbor's house isn't too far away and I try to not make *too* much noise machining parts during the eveings. As it turned out I used a hacksaw instead of my reciprocating saw to split the bracket tube and it didn't make much noise after all.

The bracket split, cleaned and clamped onto the top tube. Plenty of room for sliding forward and backward.

And with the seat bolted on.

The base of the Vision seat had tangs with open slotted ends. To lower the seat and to eliminate the possibility of the seat popping out of the open ends of the slots, I cut the slotted part off, drilled holes through the tangs for the bolt, and filed the ends round.

The seat mounted on the top tube.

This is the bottom of the rear seat strut, a pivoting telescopic tube that will support the rear of the seat.

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