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Seat Bracket - 2/7/2001

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Last night I met Tony Licuanan and Joe Kochanowski, veteran bent homebuilders and racers from Seattle. We had a most excellent discussion about many things. Tony was nice enough to bring over an extra Vision seat, and an extra Vision seat frame which I intend to buy from him. The seat frame solves all my seat problems. Tonight I made a bracket to mount the front of the seat on my bent's top tube. It's made from a piece of chrome moly head tube from the bmx bike that I got the 1.25" chrome moly tubes used for the top tube and for the crank boom tube. It's inside diameter is perfect for making a tube clamp around the top tube.

The Vision seat Tony brought over.

The seat frame.

Fire bricks holding the seatpost binder brazeons to the tube.

The bracket after brazing on the seatpost binder brazeons. What a mess.

This shows the small tube to be brazed on to the bracket that the seat frame will bolt to. It runs perpendicular to the bracket's tube.

Had to use elaborate clamping to keep the small triangle gussets in place.

All brazed with the washers on the ends of the tube.

Cleaned it up a bit.

Here's how the bracket will attach to the seat frame. I'll drill some holes through the seat frame tangs rather than use the slots.

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