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Cable Braze Ons, Final Assembly, TEST RIDE - 3/8/2001

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After buying 5 more cable stop braze ons from Elliot Bay Cycles in Seattle, I proceeded to make the return chain idler and braze on all the cable stops. The clearance for the drive chain is very tight vertically. Below, it bumps into the return chain idler, above, the lower part of the seat frame. However I was able to get it so the chain never actually rubs either in either gear extreme. I finished brazing by about midnight, and finished routing cables and adjusting brakes and derailleurs by 2:00 AM. Traditionally it's raining and 2:00 in the morning when the first test ride on my home made bents occur, but this time there was no rain. Out into the cool, breezy night. That first push off on the pedals is always magical, wondering what it's going to be like. I noticed a very slight pull to the right in the steering, may be able to fix that by cold setting, or twisting the fork blades in the for crown clamp. If not it's something I can live with. The susension feels GREAT. LOTS of travel in the rear suspension. The drive train feels really efficient, handling was great too. Very easy to turn, feels downright sporty, but not twitchy. I think the wheelbase of 41" and fork rake of 70 degrees worked out well. Stops on a dime. Interesting how braking with the front brake makes the rear rise up, braking with the rear brake makes it sink down.

The brake and gear cables meeting the upper part of the handlebar riser.

Cables meeting the lower part of the handlebar riser.

Rear derailleur cable snaking through suspension pivot area, rear v-brake cable coming up to its first cable stop. The longest stretch of cable housing on this bent is about 8".

The "cradle" where the handlebar riser rests when folded forward. This stops it from swiveling sideways when parked, making it easy to rest against a wall without the front wheel turning, causing the bike to fall.

The handlebar riser resting in the "cradle".

From the front.

From the rear. I just mounted the rear fender and am figuring how to mount the rear rack now. Will need panniers for commuting.

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