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Final Assembly - 4/7/2001

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I did the final assembly last night and this morning. Naturally some paint was chipped, it's still a tad soft, I couldn't wait, but generally the paint survived assembly. Here it is in the sunlight.

Swingarm pivot point detail.

A couple of sags happened in painting. They're on the head tube as you can see in this picture. The Vision pulley I got at the factory tour works great. It's made of a softish sort of material and is nice and quiet. It's also wide enough to have some room for lateral movement of the chain. Moving the idler pulley inwards towards the center of the bike was a good thing to do chainline-wise.

The rear wheel gear stuff. I used a vintage Shimano Crane GS derailleur because it has a nice, wide range of movement, great chain wrap ability with it's double springs (one per pivot), it's really light, and I had one lying around. When taking it off my tandem I snapped off the cable clamp assembly, where you tighten the nut for tensioning the cable. It was a flimsy chunk of metal attached to one of 4 pins holding the parallelagram part of the derailleur together. I managed to remove the pin and replace it with one from a Suntour VGT rear derailleur. Seems to work great.

Rear view.

Crank assembly and handlebar riser cradle. I've since lined the cradle with a little piece of 1/4" foam.

Front view.

Seat mounting detail.

Spring detail. Note the spring inside the spring. There's a foam bushing at both ends of the spring which keep the big spring centered on the pull through bolt. The inner spring just stops the foam bushings from sliding up and down the pull through bolt. The big flat washer on the end is actually two fender washers brazed together for extra strength. One would've probably bent.

The back of the seat. This shows my water bottle mount. I find it pretty easy to pull the bottle out, drink and replace it in this position.

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