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Paint - 4/4/2001

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The paint is finally on. I primed all the bits and pieces last Friday evening (3/30).

The primed parts with paper protecting threaded surfaces.

I sprayed the color coat on Tuesday morning. The instructions on the Hammerite paint can say to spray on 3 to 5 coats, allowing 15 minutes between coats. I ended up with three coats. This picture shows the parts after the first coat, drying by my furnace. The outside temperature was in the upper 30s that morning, not the best conditions to paint seeing as the instructions called for 70 to 80 degree temps. Hammerite runs like any other spray paint, maybe a bit more easily in fact. The nice thing is, subsequent coats will hide the runs because of it's metallic nature and because it has a slight texture to the the finish rather than being perfectly smooth. The run you see in this picture at the top of the big tube is now all but invisible.

This shows some tubes after the final coat. It actually came out pretty well. I realized after painting the frame that this is the color of my wedgie bike, which I had painted with Dupont Imron by a local frame painter years ago. Guess I just like green.

More bits and pieces drying by the furnace.

My sophisticated ventilation system. Hammerite uses Xylene wich I understand is pretty toxic, so I left windows open in the basement and kept the fan on all day.

I'll probably let the paint dry for a week before assembling the bike again. The instructions say that it cures fully in 2 weeks.

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