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The Koi Pond

Behold our developing Koi pond. Eventually there will be a waterfall, but for now, the pond itself is built and the surrounding deck and rock planter are almost done.

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An overview of the deck framing, concrete block pond wall, and hole in the ground.

View of the pond from our front porch, where we intend to sit comfortably drinking cool drinks while hearing the waterfall.

The back wall of the pond dug into the hill side, with chunks of sod pinned to the ground to increase the height of the wall. Sand is spread on the bottom in preparation for the rubber liner.

A good view of the pinned sod at the back wall of the pond. You can cut the sod with a hand saw to shape it.I used lengths of thin metal rods (the kind used to fasten flooring insulation up between floor joists) bent in a "u" shape to pin the sod. Seems to work well, making a sturdy wall.

The concrete block wall with wood framing for anchoring the bench seating.

Where the concrete block wall meets the rock planter.

The inside of the concrete block wall. Fortunately, and amazingly, an existing curtain drain line went right inside the wall. This should help reduce or eliminate accumulated water from bubbling up under the pond liner.

A close-up of the curtain drain line just inside the block wall's poured concrete footing.

The stair stringers fastened to the deck framing, sitting on small, poured concrete pads.

A close-up of the poured concrete pads. The darker edges of the stringer wood is from "field treating" the cut ends of the treated wood stringers. This to prevent rot in the future since it's close to the ground.

Another overview of the deck framing.

A close-up of the deck beam sitting on the concrete pier footings with joists resting on the beam.

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