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The Koi Pond

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A view of the intake pipes, check valve and skimmer filter before they're submersed in the pond. They're spray-painted black so you don't see them underwater. The lowest section of pipes where 2 pipes run parallel to each other are located along the bench seating wall, opposite where the waterfall will enter the pond. This is to promote circulation in the pond.

Water can be drawn in from either the bottom intake pipe, and/or the skimmer filter. Valves on each branch of the "T" fitting make this tuneable.

A close up of the check valve. This prevents the biofilter from being drained if power is lost at the pump.

A close up of the "T" fitting and the valve controlling water intake from the main intake pipe.

I made intake openings by cutting 2 slots into the pipe, then wire tying on "hardware cloth", the wire mesh with 1/2" holes.

The second intake hole, at the end of the intake pipe.

The skimmer filter. This type of skimmer filter runs off of the main pump, eliminating the need for a separate pump. Its control valve is located directly underneath.

A close up of the skimmer filter. The sleeve that contains the leaf basket (shown extended here) floats on the surface of the water. The top of the body of the skimmer filter should be located approximately 6" below the surface of the water.

The plumbing at the top of the earthen wall where it comes up and over the side from the pump. The "T" fitting has a threaded cap that allows the intake pipe to be filled with water before the pump is turned on, thus priming the pump.

The pump and leaf filter are located just under the front edge of the deck, to allow easy access to the leaf basket. I still need to build a housing for the pump to keep it dry and protected from the elements. Some people use plastic bins for this.

A close-up of the pump. It's a 3,600 gals/hr Sequence brand pump. The motor's made by Baldor. This pump is extremely energy efficient.

The leaf basket.

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