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Big loop of the Pacific Northwest - September 2021

After doing my 10k mile loop around the US last spring, I wanted to get one more big trip in before winter set in. I pondered going all the way to Colorado to visit my son, or maybe only getting as far as Wyoming to ride Chief Joseph Hwy and Beartooth Hwy. In the end I decided to get only as far as Sun Valley, ID to meet up with a friend for some hiking. I left a few days before the Moto Guzzi rally in Fossil, OR and had 3 spectacular days of riding backroads between my home in Poulsbo, WA and Fossil. Then 3 days at the rally, then a few days to get to Sun Valley. After Sun Valley I went north on beautiful Rte. 93 north to Challis and Salmon, ID, and on to Lolo, MT for the westward crossing of Lolo Pass. The last stop was to visit my friend Garret in Quincy, WA who lives on the basalt bluffs overlooking the Columbia River. All roads up to that point were 2 lane backroads. Rain was predicted for the final day's ride home, so I took I-90 and battled it out with the tractor trailers in the rain. The rally was great as was hiking in Sun Vally and visiting Garret.

The way to the rally
The Moto Guzzi rally in Fossil, OR
Sun Valley
The way to Quincy

Total miles driven was about 2,800 over the course of 10 days. I rode every day except one, where it rained hard all day at the rally. 300+ mile days on my Moto Guzzi Norge on 2 lane backroads are entirely enjoyable and don't seem too long. I only came close to riding in the dark one evening when trying to find a campsite on the Oregon coast.

My route shown in pink, starting from Poulsbo, WA going in a counter-clockwise direction.