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John Day River Trip - June 24-28, 2006

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Dinner at Service Creek campground, the night before we put in. From front-left to right, Max, Evan, Alexander, Karl, David and Frank.

A view of the river and Basalt cliffs in the background.

David's rental raft in the foreground a few minutes before we put in.

Last minute putzing with gear.

Evan's first fish! One of numerous small mouth bass that we caught.

A bullfrog that Evan caught.

Frank lounging in the shade while David fishes.


A decent sized small mouth bass that David caught.

Frank in kayak, well protected from sun. My lips are still chapped and cracked, a week after returning home. Wish I'd used lip protectant like Frank did.

Riffles ahead.

In the riffles.

First night's camp on the river.

Frank trying out a pellet gun.

The boys playing cards.

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4