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John Day River Trip - June 24-28, 2006

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Evan in the morning.

Max in the morning. We only set up the tent on the first night and then opted to sleep out under the stars. The Milky Way was plainly visible each night. A real treat.

A glimpse of the river from our camp.

My first bass.

Relaxing in some slow water.

Frank fishing from the kayak.

Swallows' nests in the mud cliffs on the side of the river. There were beaks sticking out of most of the holes. Must be babies.

Evan fishing from our boat. We were in my SOAR 16.

Frank in some rapids.

Frank in some more rapids.

David and crew in rapids.

David and crew in rapids.

Approaching rapids in some slow water.

Closer, closer...

We passed some good examples of painted hills, which are actually a form of expansive clays with various minerals that impart different colors. Up close, the clay is formed in nodules that look like big (approx. 1 to 2" across) pieces of popcorn.

Frank seeking shade by the Basalt cliffs.

Approaching the cliffs.

Did a bit of cliff jumping and diving. Alex in mid-flight here.

Evan too.

Max was actually able to walk on the water here, all the way across the river even though it was fairly deep. Don't know how he did this.

Frank preparing to dive.

David and clan entering a class 2 rapid.

David preferred the "face upstream, look downstream" approach.

Karl braces for hitting a rock.

The raft handles rapids easily. No worries about getting sideways.

Camp number 2.

The boys by the river at evening.

Evan with another fish.


Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4