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Satsop River - Lower main stem, east and west forks - 2012

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Back in 2012 my sons Max and Evan and I spent 2 days running the Satsop river during spring break. I think it was April. We had good weather, and it was even warm. Learned about this trip through Vern Huser's excellent book Paddle Routes of Western Washington The east fork is a 10 mile trip and the section of the west fork we did is 7 miles. Both are considered to be a "B" rating, which is considered equivalent to Class I+ or II-. Or according to Vern "River segmentws with current between 2 and 4 mph, some maneuvering skills required". From what we experienced that time of year, I'd say that description is accurate. Evan tipped over once near the beginning on the first day by some snags and log debris in the river, but that was the worst thing that happened. He recovered in good spirits.

We drove to Schafer State Park in the afternoon and camped there. It's right on the East Fork of the river. Both days we stashed a mountain bike in the bushes at the take out points. My son Max rode the bike back to our minivan and drove back to get us (thanks Max!) while Evan and I waited at the take outs. I've been wanting to do this trip again since then. It was lots of fun with beautiful scenery.

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Day 1 | Day 2