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Assembling the Front Triangle - 1/26/2001

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My crude plan detailing the angles and lengths of the three tubes that make up the main triangle.

Squaring the rear wheel plane to the tubing notcher by using framing squares in the dropouts, and then siting along the vertical edges to the drill press column beyond.

The top tube notched and cleaned where it'll meet the head tube.

The front triangle "jigged". Note the small drill bits supporting the smaller diameter down tube at it's rear end.

TA-DAAAA!!! Major milestone. Things look pretty well aligned as best as I can tell. Now time to play with the suspension.

Close up of the front triangle.

Closeup of the rear suspension. Note the pivoting surface at the rear/base of the elastomers to take account for the pivot motion of the suspension bolt as the frame unfolds.

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