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Northwest Loop to Bighorn Mountains - September 2022

After doing my 10k mile loop around the US in the spring of 2021, I wanted to return to the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming, and to ride Chief Joseph Hwy again. I didn't ride Beartooth Pass that time as the road seemed really rough. Big mistake. Should have done that. So I did this time. I started the ride with a Moto Guzzi rally near Fossil, OR, and then headed east to Wyoming. Total miles were 2,769. Longest day was 548 enjoyable miles, crossing Lolo Pass. List of miles/day and maps of each day below. Pics and more info here:

To the rally
To the Bighorn mountains.
The Bighorn Mountains and Chief Joseph Hwy
Beartooth Pass
Montana and the way home

Day 1 - 425 miles - Poulsbo, WA to Fossil, OR

Day 2 - 127 miles - Fossil, OR (loop ride)

Day 3 - 470 miles - Fossil, OR to Craters of the Moon, ID

Day 4 - 322 miles - Craters of the Moon, ID to Cody, WY

Day 5 - 307 miles - Cody, WY to Hunter Peak campground, WY

Day 6 - 341 miles - Hunter Peak campground, WY to Elliston, MT

Day 7 - 548 miles - Elliston, MT to Windy Point campground, WA

Day 8 - 229 miles - Windy Point campground, WA to Poulsbo, WA

To the rally, and the rally itself