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Mohave Lake trip with Frank - 7

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Met a really nice windsurfer guy here who told me how Mohave Lake was discovered for windsurfing. A guy who worked as a foreman for a sign fabricating company had a lot of work back when they were building up the city of Laughlin. He lived in a rental house located next to Cabinsite Cove while he worked there. There were about 40 houses around Cabinsite Cove then that were all on 50 year leases. As each lease expired, the owners had to pay to remove their houses so the land could be restored to its natural state. The last remaining house is owned by an attorney who has stood before the House of Representatives to defend his right to keep his house. Don't know what the future holds for him.

The one lone house right next to Cabinsite Cove.

Frank and I left Mohave Lake yesterday morning. It was blowing 30, mid 50s temp-wise, and cloudy. Very few people at launch. I actually didn't feel safe sailing there with so few people on the water. Frank didn't want to sail anyway due to the high wind. So we decided to leave, and head south to Lake Havasu where the wind was likely to be less. It was too much less, so we decided to bail on the sailing thing and head to Joshua Tree National Monument for an 8 mile day hike I planned.

Joshua Tree hike

Death Valley hike

Rain on the way to Joshua Tree National Park.

Sometimes scary to see the road far ahead.

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