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Been back in La Ventana for 4 days now. Had a wonderful xmas break, meeting my sons Max's and Evan's amazing girlfriends. So great to see Deb and all. What a transition going from 19 degree temps with 3" of snow in Poulsbo back to sunny Mexico. I brought my GoPro camera and its memory cards home so I could make a youtube video of windsurfing.

CLICK HERE for a youtube video of windsurfing from the campground. I'm sailing various gear here, including a 30 year old Bic Rock, a 106 liter JP board, and sails ranging from 5.0 to 6.5 meters.

A view of our yard back in Poulsbo during my Christmas break.

A rave was planned for New Year's in the "second arroyo", not far from our campground. A handful of DJs were to entertain those who came. Recently reports have been heard of people living in that arroyo testing positive for COVID. Rain was also predicted until 7 that night. The whole thing sounded like a techno thriller to me. Crowded, COVID-infected people in an arroyo during a rain storm. Haven't heard from anyone who went there. The thumping bass notes from the techno trip hop music went all night. Ear plugs for me.

Five days of wind are predicted starting tomorrow. Monday it's supposed to be an "El Norte" wind, which typically is strong. Monday they're predicting winds to 28mph. Should be a zoo on the water. Frank's been trying to learn wing foiling. He even took a lesson. I've heard the learning curve is tough. We did go snorkelling from our paddle boards the other morning. I brought my pole spear but didn't have any luck. It's funny looking at fish thinking, "I think I could eat you."

Kite mahem on the beach.

IMG_20211230_130324834_HDR.jpg IMG_20211230_130338934_HDR.jpg
Getting into the water across the slippery rocks in rough shore breaking waves can be quite difficult. Best to use the few cleared paths that are sometimes hard to see.

We've been riding our mountain bikes on the South Trails. They're a couple of miles from us and are beautifully constructed and groomed single track trails, marked with cute painted stones. They go through the sugaro cactus gardens and by nice views of the mountains, bay and valley. I wore my GoPro camera on my helmet today during our ride of approx. 10 miles. A couple of days prior we went at dawn with Tom Headman. Will make a youtube video of the ride in February. Pretty spectacular there.

CLICK HERE for a Youtube video of mountain bike riding the South trails.

My helmet mounted GoPro camera.

IMG_20211230_063205572.jpg IMG_20211230_064740614.jpg
Sunrise the morning we rode the south trails with Tom Hedman.

Frank next to the Get Naked trail's marker.

IMG_20211230_070522104~2.jpg IMG_20211230_070652943.jpg IMG_20211230_070756801_HDR.jpg
Frank and Tom amongst the cacti.

Pelicans (aka the Mexican Air Force) flying against the morning sun.

Looking back towards La Ventana.

Vaca means cow. Caca means...

Frank with the verdant Los Planes valley in the background. It's supposed to have a very good aquifer.

When driving down to La Ventana I've brought board repair stuff with me including: 2 years ago I repaired foil boards, foils and fins. This time I put new deck texture on 3 windsurf boards, repaired a foam core fin, repaired a ding in Frank's Futura board and unsuccessfully tried repairing my broken carbon boom.

New deck texture. Paint a thin coat of epoxy on, sprinkle salt on, let cure, then rinse the salt off. The crystals make tiny craters in the hardented epoxy, forming an excellent and durable grippy surface. I charged one guy $25 for this while Mel (a gal from Hood River) paid in beer.

IMG_20211228_184059437.jpg IMG_20211228_184242205.jpg IMG_20211228_184424763.jpg IMG_20211228_185114485.jpg
I made sushi twice during my stay. Pics here show my first attempt using a fish called Jurel (hoodel). A good roll and some traditional sushi. The fish vendor in town does sell rice wine vinegar.

Frank returning from a morning SUP outing.

IMG_20211231_191426855.jpg IMG_20211231_191440842.jpg
Cabbage leaves stuffed with chorizo, rice and peppers for dinner!

Morning sunrise. Tom Hedman showed me how to enhance the colors when taking sky pictures with my phone.


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