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Yet another trip to La Ventana Mexico with Frank

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Frank Kaplan and I returned to La Ventana Mexico in early December 2021. Frank drove his Promaster van as did I. On our way there we rendezvous'd at the Salton Sea state recreation area campground on the evening before we crossed the border. We also met up with Erik Brown and Alice that same evening. Then a dawn patrol drive to the Calexico/Mexicali border. I didn't bring foiling gear this time, thinking I'd just enjoy good old fashioned fin sailing. Frank brought only foil gear. We stayed for nearly 2 months but I flew home for Christmas for 5 days to see my wife, 2 sons and their fabulous girlfriends. Saw lots of friends, made some new ones, and saw some new places and things too. All in all a great trip. The campground is getting crazy though. Rumor has it that one person bought 20 sites. People are buying sites for their friends who show up later. People are buying sites for the entire year to ensure a front (beach) row site. People are arriving in September and weathering through the hurricaine season to ensure a good site. We had some major hassle fighting for pretty much the last site in the campground when we arrived. Things are changing for the worse there. It's really no longer first come first serve. The back row sites now cost the same as the front rows sites. I don't know what the future holds, but just like Lake Nitinat has changed, I suspect the "golden days" of La Ventana are over.

GoPro video of various adventures here:

Windsurfing from the campground

Windsurfing on a big wind day

Mountain bike riding the South trails

Snorkeling at Los Frailes near Cabo Pulmo

Snorkeling Shell Beach near Bahia de Los SueƱos