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La Ventana Again - 2023

Yet another trip to La Ventana. This is the first time I went solo (without Frank Kaplan), but I caravaned and camped with friend Dave Goehring from Bakersfield. Pics of my loaded up van below.

Watch the La Ventana 2023 video!   (Music courtesy of Kaweh)

Driving south
Northern and Central California
In Bakersfield with Dave
Crossing the border and going further south
In La Ventana
Life in La Ventana
Wind and Mr. Fish
Dr. visit, guests, sushi and a haircut
Housekeeping and the produce vendor
Rain and a hike
Swap meet and Dave-isms
Sunrise and pub-crawling One Wheelers
Buddy the dog and good bye Bill
More on Buddy, plus good food
Kaweh learns to windsurf, scenes on the water
Making tacos
Construction party and clams
Driving north, camping at Playa Requeson

IMG_20230106_153616498.jpg IMG_20230106_153654809.jpg