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2 Month windsurfing trip to La Ventana Mexico

La Ventana home


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Frank Kaplan and I drove down to La Ventan Mexico at the south end of the Baja Penninsula. It's about a 40 minute drive from La Paz and 2 hours from Los Cabos. Took around 5 days driving each way. We stayed in the campground in "downtown" La Ventana. It's a wonderful place. You can rig your gear and leave it rigged for the entire time you're there. Reasonable prices for staying there. Vendors sell most things you need right there in the campground, including water, propane, fresh produce, seafood and baked goods. There are public bathrooms with showers. The wind during the winter is typically good. One guy I met says he only sails (finning) his 5.3 meter sail. The water is fairly warm. A short sleeved, long legged 3 mil wetsuit worked well for me. Lots of things to do besides sailing though. Excellent mountain bike and hiking trails, SUPing, snorkeling and spearfishing. Great seafood to cook or to eat in restaurants. I'll be back!