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2 Month windsurfing trip to La Ventana Mexico

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Another light wind day here. Did laundry, a little shopping this morning, chatted with other camper/sailors and am now having a margarita while writing this. Supposed to be more wind tomorrow. Speaking of margaritas, Pancho and I are now stocked up with supplies for them. A nice change from beers, and a great way to spend those apres sailing evenings. We're using an old prescription bottle of Pancho's for a shot glass.


Pickup truck bed of the fruit vendor who comes through the campground every Wednesday.

Good crowd for him today.

Tom Headman has the premier campsite in the campground. It's waterfront, and in front of the least rocky part of the beach. He and Arnie are *very* good windfoilers. Their jibes are sublime. They both summer in the northwest and stay here in the winter. Tom comes down in September to get the good spot, tows his trailer out of storage down here and has it towed to the site on the beach. Arnie's got a house in La Ventana but hangs with Tom most days, windfoiling. So Tom gets to be here during the tail end of the rainy season. They have hurricanes here and had a tornado this year. People say enough water comes running through the campground to be able to kayak in it. Glad we missed it. Another pic shows their perfect gear perfectly stored. They probably have $50k worth of sailing and foiling gear.

From left to right, Tom Headman, Arnie (standing in the lime green shirt), Mica and Pancho.

Tom and Arnie's sails.

Tom's boards.

Mica speared a bunch of fish the other day. I said I'd cook them if someone else cleans them. So he did, and I BBQ'd. They were good, but not as good as the bonita I bought at the fish store.



My waterlogged ear is all better now, though my abdominal muscle injury persists. I think it's healing though. Will have chorizo tonight.

Shrimp from a campground vendor's truck.


The Kid's Monster Band. They're a family that plays great covers at the farmer's market regularly.

Our neighbor/windfoiler Erik Brown looking biblical. He and Alice live in Pt. Townsend.

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