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2 Month windsurfing trip to La Ventana Mexico

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Am sitting at a small mini-mall sponging some internet. Just witnessed an interesting exchage. Blonde woman sitting at the neighboring table with a big strapping guy. I hear her say "Fuck you" to him. Pause, then he says "Just kidding" and something else about her wanting a man with money. She retorts, "I don't want money, but I want man with ambition, not living in a van!". Ha ha, I enjoyed eavesdropping on this one.

The days are starting to blend in with each other now. Great wind for days in a row now. Coffee in the morning, then some breakfast (eggs, cheese, salsa and jam on bread). Maybe a paddleboard session with Mica, but the morning swells have been too big for me to want to paddle for a couple of days now. Then the windline appears, dark blue with whitecaps to the north, and in about a half an hour the palm fronds start flailing around. Then schlep some sailing gear to the each, put on the wetsuit and harness, and go sailing. Typically the wind builds, requiring sizing down the sailing gear about an hour or 2 later. Sail till the wind's clearly dying. Bring the gear in, shower, dress for cocktail hour. Usually that's Pacifico beer for me. I cook dinner most nights. It's cheaper and you're probably less likely to get sick. Haven't so far at least.

Had dinner at Marsconi's with Pancho and Mica last night. I had shrimp with a spicy cream sauce, camsrones a la diabla.

Conch seafood cocktail at Marisco's.

Coconut shrimp at Marisco's.

Pescada a la diablo at Marisco's.

I'm not good with tropical fruit, and don't know a papaya from a guave from a mango. I bought the large orange colored fruit shown in a picture. It was ripe. Tasted like a bland cantalope.



Pics below show interiors of space ship Jim. Note the indicators showing 94.8% battery state and 101% LPG state. Batteries typically get to 100% by about 1:00 PM when it's sunny.

The spice rack in my van.

101% propane level, 94.8% battery charge.

Trigger fish debris on the beach. 2 big manta ray heads were on the beach yesterday morning.

I stopped by Aaron's camp this morning. He's a home inspector from Belfair that Val works with. He's camped in "the arroyo" (pic below). There are no rules in the arroyo. No quiet hours. No bathrooms. A single hose bib up on a hill is the only water supply for everyone. Our campground is tough enough for me. Took a picture of the Police RV in town here. It's just an abandoned RV painted that way.

Looking down on the "the canyon".

This thing sits across and up the street from the campground.

A campsite closer to the beach opened up and we took it. More room, shorter walk to the beach. However we set things up wrong. Tom Sullivan pointed out that our tent should be downwind from our van. It took 6 people to move our tent from the original site (moved while still erected). So didn't want to change it afterwards.

Our new camp with Pancho on the rigging area.


Mica's camp, with 2 Costco tents.

A band playing at Playa Central.

Frank putzing with a new to him Futura 111.

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