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2 Month windsurfing trip to La Ventana Mexico

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Sitting at Pablo's across the street from the campground with Pancho and Mica. Distant strians of a harmonica and guitar from El Playa Central nearby. Some kind of open mic/jam thing going on there. Second day of sailing today. Big swell, dicey shorebreak, but got for my 5.8 meter sail. Went grocery shopping this morning. Bought fun hard to translate canned goods and boxed milk. Eggs aren't refrigerated here. Bought grouper fillets and some fresh squeezed OJ with pulp from a vendor in a truck in the campground. Juice is delicious. Cooked the grouper with onions and cilantro in butter. Had a can of charro beans with chipotle thingies. So deliciouso. Cooking in the van isn't simple. The lack of counter space makes you shuffle things around alot. I'm running low on water too, so am rinsing dishes with barely a trickle of water. Looking forward to huevos (egss) tomorrow morning with leftover chipotle.

Chipotle, frijoles and grouper.


Refining our gear storage area in our tent today. My side is on the right in the attached picture. Pancho's side has a ways to go. He's still trying to get his solar charging system going with his portable fridge. Pancho struggles with parallel vs. in-series battery wiring. My charging system seems to consistently charge to the upper 90% range for my batteries by the end of the day. I'm happy with that and have been checking my battery instruments less often as time goes on.

Our tent garage, first attempt at organization.

Frank with gear.

Mica had a relatively uneventful drive down if you can call driving here uneventful. We've been swapping driving stories here at Pablo's while downing some pretty darn good margaritas. Most of my body is sore from sailing a few hours each of the past 2 days. Am hoping that the soreness will go away as time passes.

My van's interior.

First and second rows from the beach in the campground.



Overview of the campground viewed from the south end near Playa Central.

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