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2 Month windsurfing trip to La Ventana Mexico

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Pancho and I are leaving La Ventana Monday morning. We plan to spend 3 days driving in Mexico on the way home. First night will probably be at an RV "park" in the town of Loreto. It's supposed to have some cultural/architectural elements that are worth seeing. The RV park is supposed to be in walking distance of downtown and restaurants. Next night will hopefully be on the beach north of Guerrero Negro on the Sea of Cortez. We're taking the eastern route home along the Sea of Cortez on Route 5 and through Mexicali rather than the western route though Ensenada on Route 1 up to the Pacific Coast and then San Diego. The eastern route used to have long stretches of very rough unpaved roads. Now there's only supposed to be a few miles of unpaved roads. Should be faster driving too since it doesn't go through the big town of Ensenada and many small agricultural towns with speed bumps and hidden stop signs.

So, we've started packing. Derigged a few sails. Sunday should be the big day to pack up, but the forecast for tomorrow is no wind. May pack a bunch of stuff up tomorrow. The campground is emptying out. Interesting to see people pack for days, taking down tent/garages, and finally pulling out for home. It's a long journey home for everyone. The campground will be mostly empty all summer long. Then it will all begin again next September.

Our friend Mica will stay longer than us. He may stay for the kite foil races in mid March. The top kite foilers in the world are gathering for the races in March. They have country of origin stickers on the bottoms of their kite boards. Some are from Russia , Slovenia, Turkey and England. They're amazing to see. 30 or more miles per hour of speed in less than 10 mph of wind. They're training in tight packs of 5 or so riders, all turning in synch. One minute they're in front of the campground, the next they're a mile upwind. They can go almost straight upwind and downwind, and at super high speeds. Search youtube for "kitefoil championship" and you'll see.

Mica and I went spearfishing a few days ago in front of the campground. I pole speared one parrot fish for a taco dinner. Mica spear gunned numerous fish that ended up in 2 batches of fish soup and numerous fish on the barbeque. The thrill of the kill has lost it's appeal to me, so I'll probably not spearfish again on this trip.

My parrot fish. They sure have big scales.

See pic below of Luna the dog and her owner. Luna's my favorite dog in the campground. Her owner (name pronounced Jah sohn) who's from Quebec is super nice. Married to Danny. They're 3 campsites down from us and are both excellent windsurfers. They have a waterfront house on the St. Lawrence seaway, but only spend 4 months a year there. They winter in La Ventana and spend summers on the Magdalen Islands off the coast of Prince Edward Island (5 hour ferry ride). Very good windsurfing on those islands apparently.

Luna the dog and her owner.

Danny grooming Luna by the bathrooms.

Pancho helping our neighbor John install a cell phone booster on his trailer roof.

Me after 6 weeks of sun and sailing.

Will try to give an update on our way home exploring.

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